What is Mock Trial?

Mock Trial is an inter-collegiate competition governed by the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA), which authors and releases a case alternating between civil and criminal every year. Schools compete in a simulated trial, with one school representing the prosecution or plaintiff and the other representing the defense. Teams consist of 6-10 students who act as attorneys and witnesses, and, like in a real trial, deliver opening statements and closing arguments, perform direct and cross examinations, and argue objections. Tournaments consist of four trials, with each team presenting both sides of the case twice. 


Mock trial is an invaluable learning experience. It aims to enhance and perfect public speaking skills, logical reasoning, acting skills, and teamwork. It's also an unmatched introduction to trial advocacy, courtroom procedure, and various aspects of law. 

Our Mission Statement

We teach our members how to clearly communicate, think on their feet, actively listen, and persuasively argue. We run the audition and rehearsal processes, create and implement case strategy, manage team logistics and finances, lead club meetings, write our oral arguments, and prepare our legal objections all on our own. We structure our program in this way because we believe this provides an unparalleled opportunity of learning and leadership development for the members of our team. We highly value diversity on our team in many respects. Unlike most other colleges who have a strong pre-law focus to their Mock Trial program, we believe in the importance of having a team with varied academic interests and backgrounds. This makes our program accessible to a wide variety of students on our campus so that regardless of their academic major, they can take part in this rigorous opportunity to hone their reading, writing, and speaking skills. Many, if not most, of our members are not on the pre-law track. Our members major in a wide range of subjects from linguistics to computer science to philosophy to physics and participate in an equally wide range of outside interests from dance to journalism to music to varsity sports.


We're a young program on the rise. Originally founded in 2007 as a joint program between Pomona and Scripps College, Pomona College Mock Trial (PCMT) has evolved over the past twelve years into a nationally competitive program.


Our program is entirely student-run. Unlike many other programs which rely on a large coaching staff, our members make all decisions related to management, logistics, strategy, and team rosters, providing an unparalleled opportunity for leadership development.


Members and leaders alike at PCMT vow to ensure that people of all races, nationalities, ethnicity, age, sexual and gender orientation, and economic background have a loud and present voice on our team and within decision-making processes.